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Business English Coach

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My motto lately is Life is too short! I believe in living your best life and doing all you can as well as giving back to the community. This pushed me into starting Grace Zimbabwe, a NGO that focuses on helping mothers and children in need. its been a beautiful 4 year journey. we continue to grow in ways i never thought possible. I am also a strong believer in family(not only with those that share the same DNA as you) but with those that have been there with you through this journey called life. We don't live in a vacuum and it's important that we treat everyone well and treasure those we love because we do not hold the hands of time. 


I love travelling, if i could afford to travel and not work I would do so :-) . The world is such a beautiful place and there is not enough time to absorb it all. traveling opens up your mind and allows you to try new things as well as learn new things.i am an outdoor, easy going adventurous lady.  


  • TESOL (Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

  • ESL

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Professional Consultant

I started learning English when I started working because I quickly understood that it was a necessity to achieve my ambitions.

It took me five years and a lot of investment to become fully proficient, but it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. It boosted my career, widened my professional network globally and I was able to seize more opportunities thanks to my fluency in English.

I created this platform with the hope of helping every professional learn a new language and achieve their full potential.


  • Bachelor of Marketing and Commerce in Dakar Polytechnic School.




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